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Kidlit Contest

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Merry Dancemas

Let's make this easy.

You wanna see some outstanding dancing?

click this (Naughty):


then this (Nice):


Then see the krumping santa:


Want more? visit MJ's blog:


I'm still on a dancing high.



P.S. I hope Jakob and Mollee make it to the finals!

Top Ten, baby!

This is such a talented group this year! There isn't anyone I'm really hating on right now- just different levels of loving on them.

Top of the loving-on-them list is Jakob and Ellenore. They had an amazing night and have been so strong in general.

Mollee also had a super duper night with her partner Russell.

As long as those four are safe, I'm pretty cool.

Wasn't loving on Ryan as much last night, and Nathan . . . well I loved his Broadway routine but, this poor kid! Has he even gotten Contemporary yet? If he can get in with Ashleigh and do a Sonya number, right back on top!

Poor Ashleigh. That first number kicked butt! Then the hip hop fell flat. She is soooooo talented, but I thinks its time for Legacy to go.

Kathryn/Noell are like, the same dancer for me. Both very talented but not standing out.

Great night overall.

MJ has the vids up.



It's coming!

TANGLED by Carolyn Mackler is on sale December 29th

check out her website at www.carolynmackler.com

Saw her speak at SCBWI NY last year, and it was very inspiring.

Bought Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things at the conference and loved it (after having to cancel my shipment from Amazon prior to the conference, having been told that My Butt was Big, but also too slow.)

Can't wait to check out this one.


Kickin it into the top ten

This is it. Last performances before TOP TEN. That means that if they don't make it, I won't be able to remember them when you ask me next year.

Top four this very second are:
Jakob, Ashleigh, Ryan, and Ellenore (in no particular order)

Seriously, Ryleigh is going to have some freaky talented offspring, people.

We often see ballroom and hip hop smooze their way through contemporary, but ballroom is NOT easy! Jakob was sooooo cool with the cha cha!

Mollee and NAthan should still eek into the top ten, and I think it will be interesting to see them with other partners. I love that their young. I write YA! How am I NOT going to love them?

Russell and Noell have their moments but that Samba or Salsa or whatever was rough.

Legacy, even with the tears (ahhh!) is going to find himself with a little trouble me thinks.

Karen and Victor are in for it, too.

Who will go home? That's not my problem. But as long as my top six are in, I'm cool.

Another fun night. Interesting season. My favs have snuck up on me.

Wildly good talent though. Top Ten is going to be HOT!!


PS MJ's blog recap is up- vids will be added.


In your face!

In your face nigel, you grump!

First off, I have to give mad props to the kids Mollee and Nathan for coming back from their week under the bus and giving a smart and strong and awesome performance! Gave ME chills! Even with the butt kissing for sticking it these fan favs, they judges still seemed to be somewhat backhanded with their compliments. Proof is in the pudding.

On the other end of the spectrum, the judges are seeing that Karen and Kevin are not going to be a golden couple of this amazing season so (beep beep beep) under the bus they go. But rightly so this time. It was a sad little belly flop.

Legacy and Kathryn (Sidebar: I am now obsessed with noticing girls with cleft chins because my baby girl has one. In Luxe, by Anna Godberson, the main character who is all kinds of beauty, has one. Kathryn has one, too. Anyone else? End of sidebar)
I think the judges were extremely nice to them. Seriously. the characters were there, but the dancing was not. Legacy looked like he was going to lose his balance for the first half.

Biggest surprise of the night goes to Ashleigh and Jakob. I already knew they were fab dancers, but they rocked it with these characters. I mean, really! hip hop? These too should not even be able to come close to what they did tonight. Great routine, meaty charter-story, which I love.

Noelle and Russell were on tonight, as were Ryan and Ellenore with another cute character driven number.

And channing and Victor are growing all over me! Loved their performances and wow-y can they dance. So glad they got that piece.

MJ has her recaps up, with vids soon to follow (check back tomorrow morning)

Hope your following along, if not- it's not too late!


Oh no you didn't, Nigel!!!

Oh Nigel! (So You Think You Can Dance's answer to surly british judges Len and Simon)

Usually of the three British grumps Nigel is the most fair, but this week- OMG!


Watch as Nigel tells Nathan that basically he sucks and the only reason he wasn't in the bottom three is because screaming little girls think he's cute!

Okay, I've been watching this show for some years now. This is not the first time voters have chosen to keep a fav in, even though they have stumbled through a bad week. We see POTENTIAL in Nathan.

Personally I agreed with the bottom three. We aren't just voting for the week at hand, it is week three (three, right?) and the pull up or down of past performances is weighing on our memories. (Did that make sense?)

Karen and Kevin had a good week, but they have not grown on me at all!

Ryan and Elenore are growing on me, but that hip hop was awkward! And Peter and Pauline stepped it up, but have both been in the bottom before.

In short, I was not ready to lose Nathan and Mollee who are cute as buttons, but also are amazing dancers with teen energy and charisma, because they had a bad week.

Shame on you , Nigel. You picked the poor kid!!! He was being sarcastic, and yes, a little flip, but i really don't think that he meant to be disrespectful.

i hope he and Molllee come back and kick some butt and show why the viewers kept them.

One more note on crabby Nigel- I thought he was very hard on Channing and Victor on Monday night. Yes, they drew their own style. But I was worried that one, I wouldn't be blown away by yet another contemporary routine, and two, that they wouldn't pull off the characters. But i found the routine and their performances moving and believable! Victor was masculine, channing soft and fluid and feminine. Their movement was amazing!

i think the viewers got it right this week, so I think that nigel should be careful. When he tries to shame the dancers, he's insulting us!

Keep Voting!

As always, MJ has her recap of the performance show-with vid links!:


And the results show- with vid links!:


(right now there isn't a direct link, the whole post is on her home page, you'll have to scroll through the AI news)

Thanks for playing along.


I enjoyed Monday's EXTRAVAGANZA of dance. (it wasn't really called that, I just enjoy using the word EXTRAVAGANZA).

But anyone who has seen this show knows that, while great for introducing the cast of characters, it will tell you little to nothing about who will do well on this show.
Because it isn't about being the best tapper (obviously), latin dancer, krumper, whathaveyou. (Is that one word? It should be.)

Doing well on this show is about    1. Chemistry/charisma  2. Versatility

So despite writing down three names on Monday: Nathan, Ariana, and Mollie (oh, I wrote down Billy too- but he's out for ills. Poor baby), it doesn't surprise me that Ariana went home after her performance tonight. But I'm glad they at least saved Peter- though I'm not sure Pauline will be a good match for him.

what DID surprise me was that Victor and Bianca blew me away! As did Kathryn and Legacy (really? really? did you give yourself that moniker?)

Nathan and Mollie were cute little buttons, but looked a little rushed at times. Jakob was completely WOW, but I'm not sure he has a personality I'm going to fall for.

Ellenore and Ryan did awesome, really threw down.

Brandon and Pauline, acted it out great- made me cry! But I get why they sent him home. What I don't get is why Russsell was in the bottom four instead of Kevin who did like two cha cha steps in three minutes and had bad hair. Send bad hair home. that's my policy. I think the judges just wanted to show him off. Because it makes no sense after pimping him after his dance.

Did I forget Channing and Phillip? yes I did. And you will too.

Keep an I on mj's blog, she'll be posting vids by tomorrow. Love that girl.


Update: Recap and vid links: http://mjsbigblog.com/so-you-think-you-can-dance-top-20-video.htm#more-10975

Tune in next tues for more. Give it a go!!


country girl?

I find inspiration everywhere.

Meg Cabot's inspiration this month (as told in her Oct 13th diary entry) came from George Harrison (lols)

My inspiration this month has been so country it makes me want to drive my pick up down to the piggly wiggly and trash talk my no good whiskied up boyfriend. I am a reluctant country listener, but country is changing. For real. You don't even have to have a twang. Or maybe you do, and that's a lie and I just don't understand and get the post modern country twang.

First off, teeny queeny Taylor Swift.I am convinced should write her own YA novels. You know, if the whole music thing doesn't pan out for her.

Her songs are little mini tales of teen angst and longing. I know it's been all over, won some (ahem) awards, but if tend to live in your own world of children and diapers and carpools and maybe Microsoft Word now and again, you may have missed it.


Then, if you like, play along and go to Bigmachine1 (her record company who posted the vid) and check out Steel Magnolia, they won a little ol' country Idol-like competition (Can You Duet?- [I love these shows])  and they are HOT. 

Here's a taste:


Oh! bonus! I went to link to one of their clips from the show, and found this brand new vid instead! Steel Magnolia (Meghan and Josh) won the whole show over by their amazing chemistry and it didn't hurt that they sound good, too.

Here's the one I was searching for:


So y'all give it a go and see if you can be inspired a bit. (that was my very first "y'all". Felt good.)


P.S. Here's cutie patootie Taylor keeping it real (squeals included) as she live vlogs about her noms for the cma's. she's just real life YA. Love how she says "It's 8:30, but it's worth it." Like it's some ungodly hour to be awake.



So You think You Can Dream?

I've written about this before, perhaps, but it's a new season so I'm gonna write about it again.

So You Think You Can Dance is my favorite of the dancing shows. It's also my favorite of the talent based reality shows.

This show, like American Idol and the like, is about making dreams come true. Dancing dreams. While I am no where near having a dancing dream of my own, I do have a dream- of writing. Not just writing, I'm obviously doing that, but of writing to a larger audience and and being able to be gratified in some way for my hard work. To be appreciated for my work.

So when these young hoofers take the stage, then wait for their work to be criticized and praised, it's me up there, too. I share their feeling as I've experienced in class, in critique group, and at writers conferences, reading aloud and spilling part of me in a public way.

Plus, I write YA, so the fact that a lot of these dancers are so young sparks my imagination as I watch their stories unfold. (they have to be 18-29, I think, to audition, but many this year seem to be 18 or 19)

Wednesday was the start of Vegas week (like Hollywood week for Idol) and this is where the show REALLY gets down to it. The point is not just to be a fab dancers, but to learn to dance with a partner in all different genres. For instance, and this is my fav 'for instance' so far this season, a young krumper  (that's his genre- krump) takes a partner and learns how to (is it cha cha? sorry- feel free to smack me in the comments)ballroom dance. Helps that he draws a partner who is a ballroom champ.


So vegas tests their ability to pick up choreography quickly (they hae mere hours to learn and practice) and preform in multiple genres. Not to mention demonstrate charisma that will make us love them and want to vote for them.

Check out http://mjsbigblog.com/   in general, she blogs about Idol, GLee, SYTYCD, and Dancing with the Stars, but also gives you a handy cheat sheet a day after the shows, complete with recap and vid links- though you tube tends to scrap 'em, so don't wait long.

Here's her cheat sheet for So You Think You Can Dance for Wed. (Like the Cliff notes) so you can dabble.


Vegas Callbacks continues Wednesday 8/7c.

Give it a go.

Your inner dreamer will thank you.